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Oak Splendour Beetle (Agrilus biguttatus)

Oak Splendour Beetle (Agrilus biguttatus) is a relative of the Emerald Ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) and has been identified as a CAPS national survey priority. A. biguttatus is native to Asia and feeds on a number of hosts in the Fagaceae family including northern red oak (Quercus rubra), cork oak (Q. suber), downy oak (Q. pubescens), durmast oak (Q. petraea), English oak (Q. robur), European turkey oak (Q. cerris), holly oak (Q. ilex), Pyrenean oak (Q. pyrenaica), as well as beech (Fagus spp.) and chestnut (Castanea spp.). The signs of Oak Splendour Beetle infestation are similar to that of Emerald Ash borer in that the insect produces D-shaped emergence holes in the bark. Ohio is at risk for establishment of A. biguttatus due to its favorable climate and extensive Oak-hickory forest cover type. Ohio also has an Oak log export industry and thus A. biguttatus could have a severe economic impact on the state. These combined factors make this pest suitable for early detection survey. At present this pest is not known to occur in the U.S.

If you suspect you have found an oak splendour beetle infestation contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture Plant Pest Control Section.

Oak Splendour Beetle Fact Sheet

Emerald Ash Borer Fact Sheet

Update on EAB: The Ohio Department of Agriculture expanded the internal EAB quarantine to include all counties in the state. This means there is no longer any restriction on moving ash material within the state, although it is still strongly discouraged that firewood be intentionally moved from infested counties to uninfested counties. New EAB positive counties for 2010 include Champaign, Clinton, Darke, Lawrence, and Perry. The federal EAB quarantine, which Ohio is included, remains in effect.

EAB Quarantine Status

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