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Chrysanthemum White Rust (Puccinia horiana)

Chrysanthemum White Rust (Puccinia horiana) infects at least twelve species of Chrysanthemum and is a devastating disease of horticultural varieties of chrysanthemums grown under glasshouse conditions. The fungus has been detected coming into the U.S. on infected plants, cuttings, and cut flowers from foreign sources such as Mexico, Venezuela and the Netherlands. Chrysanthemum White Rust has been introduced, detected and eradicated at sites in California, New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Delaware so it has been identified as an emerging plant pest. As Ohio is a major garden chrysanthemum producer and shipper early detection may help prevent establishment of the disease in Ohio and spread of the disease throughout the U.S. This disease is a USDA quarantine pest.

If you suspect you have found a chrysanthemum white rust infection contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture Plant Pest Control Section.

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CWR on Leaf

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