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Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anaplophora glabripennis)

Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anaplophora glabripennis) likely arrived in the US in solid wood packing material from Asia. Infestations were discovered in Brooklyn, New York in 1996 and quickly spread to Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan. In 1998 infestations from a separate introduction were discovered in Chicago, Illinois. The pest was also detected in Jersey City, New Jersey in 2002 and Middlesex/Union counties, New Jersey in 2004, Staten and Prall's Island, New York in 2007, and most recently Worcester, Massachusetts in 2008. In 2008 the Chicago and Jersey City infestations were declared eradicated and eradication efforts continue at the remaining sites.

The preferred hosts of the Asian Longhorned Beetle are hardwoods including several maple species (Norway, sugar, silver, and red maple), box elder, horsechestnut, buckeye, elm, London plane, birch, and willow. Females lay their eggs in depressions in the bark. The larvae then bore into the cambial layer and deeper into the heartwood of the tree, where they form galleries. The feeding damage weakens the tree and may kill it if the infestation is heavy. The larvae mature and pupate near the surface of the bark and adults emerge from characteristic round holes approximately 3/8" in diameter. Adults are 1-1.5" long, shiny black with white markings on the body and antennae, and the antennae are considerably longer than the body.

Ohio is at risk for introduction of this pest because of its lake Erie and Ohio River ports and abundance of favorable host species. A survey was performed in 2006 as part of the CAPS program but no detections were made. In 2007 a dead asian longhorned beetle was intercepted in a warehouse in Cincinnati. A survey of the surrounding environs revealed no evidence of infestation. If you suspect you have an asian longhorned beetle infestation contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture Plant Pest Control Section.

Update on ALB: in the fall of 2009 a live suspect beetle was captured in a warehouse in the Cincinnati area. The specimen was confirmed to be an asian longhorned beetle. A survey of the surrounding wooded environs by ODA and USDA personnel revealed no evidence of infestations. An expanded survey of the area is currently under way by USDA, ODA, and OSU personnel.

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ALB adult

ALB adult on cut stump

ALB adults mating

ALB exit hole

ALB exit holes