Pesticide/Fertilizer Regulation Section

Commercial Applicator License Renewal Registration and Payment (Online)

By registering, you can pay for your Commercial Applicator Renewal online. You will continue to receive your paper renewal notification through the mail; but, the electronic option is for your convenience. If you opt to use the electronic version, you will not have to mail the paper renewal. For phone support call (614) 728-6987 or Toll-free 800-282-1955.

Have you already registered?

If so, click on the button titled, 'Login' and you will be navigated to the Commerial Renewal login page. Once logged in you can continue with your payment option.

Registration information you will need from your current Applicator License:

To register you will need 2 items from your current license:
  • License ID
  • ODA Control #

The following layout illustrates the location of the License ID and ODA Control #